Warehouse HVAC Rentals

Rescue Cooling AC UnitYour warehouse is an important part of your overall operations, but it’s also one that many companies don’t usually invest a lot of money for heating and cooling. The main reason is that warehouses usually hold products, and unless your products have specific temperature requirements, you don’t need to spend the money on heating and cooling.

However, you might have a need for temporary AC units to keep the facilities comfortable when:

  • A heat wave strikes
  • You have a temporary shipment that needs to be kept at a certain temperature
  • You have employees that will be working in your warehouse facilities during the hot months of the summer

All of these situations require that you have a warehouse facility that can maintain specific temperature control for people, products, or both. It can be expensive to install your own HVAC system permanently, and that cost might not be practical for warehouses that don’t have an ongoing need for heating and/or cooling. Temporary heating and cooling solutions can help you keep your warehouse at the perfect temperature for employees or stock without the high cost of installing a permanent system.

Comfortable Temperatures Any Time of the Year

Some warehouses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area only need temperature control for part of the year when temperatures reach extreme heat, or in the rare case where cold weather causes a drop below the temp that employees can comfortably and safely work.

Perfect for Short-Term HVAC Needs

If you run a warehouse where employees only work in the facility for short periods of time or at certain times of the year, it might be cost-prohibitive to get AC or heat installed. Renting a temporary AC or temporary heating unit can save you time and money. Temporary units are also ideal when you have a short-term need to keep stocked items within a specific temperature range. Turning your entire facility into a refrigerated-temperature facility for just a single shipment doesn’t make financial sense, but having the capability to handle those types of shipments on a short-term basis can bring in new business and expand your capacity.