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Temporary Air Conditioning for Warehouses

Aug 8, 2022

If you operate a warehouse in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and your air conditioning breaks down, you’ve got a problem on your hands. But you don’t have to worry — just call Rescue Cooling. Our guarantee is that we can get any space climate controlled in two hours or less — even a warehouse.

HVAC & Warehouses

Today, most warehouses are built with air conditioning, but that wasn’t always the case. Warehouses are large spaces with high ceilings, making climate control more challenging. They are often built of metal, and many are not insulated. This further drives up the cost of heating and cooling in warehouses that have HVAC.

Warehouses also usually have a number of roll-up doors to accommodate delivery trucks and forklifts driving in and out with pallets of freight. These doors stand open for periods of time, allowing heat or cool air to escape.

For these reasons, warehouse owners often did not heat or cool the spaces, as it would be much more expensive than heating or cooling an insulated, closed space.

However, a warehouse that isn’t climate controlled cannot store certain materials, and that can affect business.

What Can’t You Store in a Hot Space?

Electronics will break down if they stored in an area that’s too hot. That includes computers, phones, televisions, radios, stereo equipment, printers, scanners and more. The range for what is safe varies, but it is generally accepted that electronics should be stored in a space that is between 50 and 90 degrees.

That sounds like a nice wide range, but residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area know that temperatures over 100 degrees in the summer aren’t unusual. What’s more, indoor temperatures in spaces like warehouses that are not air conditioned can reach more than 120 degrees. Temperatures that high can quickly fry electronics. Warehouses that store electronics and suffer an AC outage can lose millions of dollars in only a few hours.

Food, while it is not as expensive as electronics, is an item that is shipped around the U.S. every day in vast quantities. Most fresh foods will spoil at high temperatures, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables and of course frozen foods.

Other types of foods that can be ruined by high heat include candy, chocolate, baked items and foods with frosting or icing. Cereal, crackers, bottled drinks and canned goods may survive a hot spell.

Some types of medicine will spoil at high temperatures as well. Most common medicines — including pain relievers, allergy medicine, cold remedies and medicine for stomach ailments — is supposed to be kept at room temperature. The Food and Drug Administration says the optimal temperature for drug storage is 75-77 degrees.

A National Public Radio story about why it’s important to keep medicines cool quotes a pharmacist who said that medicine exposed to high heat loses some of its effectiveness. Although that might not be a big problem for a bottle of Tylenol, if it’s prescription medication like nitroglycerin, it could be the difference between life and death.

Other items that can be destroyed when exposed to high temperatures include candles, crayons, latex items and cosmetics. Also, live flowers and plants, including trees and shrubs, as well as live animals. USPS has a web page called “526 mailable live animals” and lists bees, birds, scorpions and “small, harmless, cold-blooded animals” as mailable. Likely the scorpions would survive the heat, but the others may not.

Emergency Air Conditioning for Warehouses

Warehouses that only store nonperishable items such as building materials may be less concerned with an air conditioning outage. However, if your warehouse workers are unionized, they may not work in overheated conditions. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration also may have something to say about working in 100-plus-degree heat. So regardless of what you’re storing in your warehouse, it’s important to control the climate.

When you call Rescue Cooling for emergency air conditioning, we are on the scene quickly. We are called Rescue Cooling because we rescue you from disaster — we don’t make you wait around all day.

We provide industrial portable air conditioners that get even a warehouse cooled down quickly. These industrial air conditioning units are powerful, so high ceilings and thin metal walls are not a problem.

Warehouse Air Conditioner Rental

You may keep a sealed-off portion of your warehouse cooler than the rest of the facility to store delicate or perishable items. If your AC in this area is failing, we can quickly provide portable air conditioner rental for your space. You can even get warehouse air conditioner rental long-term. This service is helpful for those who need temporary air conditioning for a set period of time.

When you need warehouse air conditioner rental, we deliver the industrial air conditioning units to your site, set them up and get them working for you. We understand you are greatly anticipating the arrival of your HVAC technician to solve the problem, but it’s important to protect your goods in the meantime.

When your AC is repaired and you no longer need the industrial air conditioning units, simply give Rescue Cooling a call and we will come out and remove the equipment.

One thing to keep in mind is to be certain your AC is working correctly before giving up your portable industrial air conditioning units. Some clients call us when their HVAC tech arrives on site, but sometimes they are unable to fix the problem that day. They may need parts or supplies that are not available until the next day or later. You don’t want to be stuck without your air conditioning while you wait.

Other times you think the air conditioning is repaired, but then you realize your warehouse is not cooling down. It’s best to be sure that your AC is functioning and cold air is blasting from the vents before calling for removal of the temporary air conditioning units.

Warehouses Depend on Rescue Cooling

Whenever you’re having trouble with your AC at your warehouse, call the team at Rescue Cooling. We provide the best in warehouse air conditioner rentals quickly — before you lose any of your stock.