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Save Your Company’s Data with Temporary AC Rental

Aug 8, 2022

It’s no secret that the planet is getting hotter, and one of the hottest places to be right now is in Dallas/Fort Worth. Texas has always been hot — or at least as long as we can remember. But heat waves hit the U.S. more frequently now, and they stay longer. This puts a strain on residential and commercial air conditioners, resulting in more frequent breakdowns. While physical discomfort is often the worst part of an AC breakdown, an outage can cause even bigger problems when you have computer equipment that’s storing important data. When you need air conditioner rental in Dallas/Fort Worth, whether you’re at home or the office, call Rescue Cooling right away.

Excessive Heat and Computers

Most people use at least one computer to run their business, while many use many more. Computer storage equipment is often located in a closet or other climate-controlled small space. It’s critical that computers have adequate airflow around them at all times, and that their surroundings don’t get too hot.

Computers are equipped with fans that keep its components cool — especially the central processing unit. These fans run continuously, through all seasons. That’s because simply using a computer for hours on end causes it to heat up. When the weather is hot and your AC isn’t working right, the heat can affect your computer equipment.

When your computer gets too hot, it can break down suddenly or slowly, over time. If you’re working in a hot area, your computer may abruptly shut down, the way your phone will if it’s left in the sun on a hot day. It may start back up again, but it may not have saved all the data you need.

The damage that heat can do to a computer over time is insidious. When it’s too hot, your computer hard drive may become damaged, as can any of the hardware in your computer. You may not notice it at first if your computer appears to keep functioning. But it may be dumping data to relieve some of the pressure, and you won’t know until you can’t find it.

Excessive heat can also shorten the life span of your computer and its parts. Down the road, when you bring it in for repairs, the tech may tell you that the part of your computer that failed generally lasts longer, but they won’t know about its exposure to heat.

What the Experts Say

Simply put, heat is a great stressor for computers, and forcing your computers to work in the heat is risky. But how hot is too hot? The experts recommend computers be kept at 72 degrees. The acceptable range for desktops is 50-82 degrees, and for laptops it’s 50-95 degrees. But it’s never a good idea to push the upper limits.

Besides trying to keep your computers at optimal temperatures, you should never expose them to direct sunlight or leave them in the car on a really hot (or really cold) day for too long.

You should also protect your computer equipment from high humidity. Humidity can damage your computer’s internal parts by hastening corrosion. Although Texas is known as a hot, dry state, Dallas/Fort Worth is unusually humid and sees temperatures over 100 routinely, with heat indices recorded at 117.

Don’t work outside with your computer or leave your windows open on humid or rainy days. Electronics and moisture don’t mix.

If you’re working in a warm area, make sure your computer’s fans aren’t blocked by furniture. Elevate laptops on stands if necessary.

Data Storage Units

While many individuals and some companies are comfortable keeping their data in the cloud, many are not. Whether you’re a government contractor or another type of business that stores sensitive information, you need to have top-notch IT personnel to help you encrypt your data so that it is safe in the cloud. If you don’t have the best IT services, your data isn’t safe.

Some companies prefer to store their data themselves onsite. Unfortunately, this makes them most vulnerable to computer meltdowns, fires, accidents and other mishaps.

When Dallas/Fort Worth is experiencing a heat wave and your AC breaks down, it’s more than just uncomfortable. Your entire business could be at risk.

Temporary Air Conditioner Rental in Dallas/Fort Worth

At Rescue Cooling, we provide portable air conditioner rentals to residential and business customers. Your AC guy may say he’s on the way, but it might be too late for your computers by the time he finally fixes your system.

Right after you call your HVAC company, call Rescue Cooling. We’re 99{7ea8b4bee70f6ed8e5c4d47751b9c3512c3bf3e6ab9e30833c0208406d4011d3} percent sure we’ll get to you first. And we’ll be armed with all the temporary air conditioning units you need. In fact, if you’re a large warehouse, we even have industrial portable air conditioners. But if you’re a smaller operation, we provide room air conditioners as well.

At Rescue Cooling, we promise our customers that we will get their space cool in two hours.

In the meantime, if your space exceeds 95 degrees at any point, power your computers off. That will buy you some extra time.

Commercial and Residential AC Rental

Although Rescue Cooling is invaluable for businesses with computers and data storage priorities, we provide services to many other types of businesses as well as private homes.

If you own a restaurant or retail business and your AC fails, your customers will be out the door and on their way to your competitors immediately. Don’t let that happen. It’s fast, easy and economical to call Rescue Cooling and ask for portable air conditioner rental in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The same goes for your home. Why sit in misery waiting for your HVAC tech when you could be cool and comfortable? We can cool your whole home or just provide a room air conditioner — whatever your preference.

When it gets too hot for your computers — or for you or your customers — call Rescue Cooling, the top air conditioner rental company in Dallas/Fort Worth.