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About Our Equipment

At Rescue Cooling we use the latest in spot cooling & heating technology and are able to accommodate virtually any space that needs climate control.

Rescue units are small, portable heating and cooling units that can be used in situations where a traditional HVAC system is either not working properly or is not available. For example, you can use an emergency cooling system in your home or business when your air conditioner breaks down.

Temporary Cooling Systems (Air Conditioner)

We offer temporary air conditioning systems that work perfect for a single space that is too hot. Our rescue unit is perfect for spot cooling or keeping portions of your home or business at a more comfortable temperature when your installed HVAC system is on the fritz. A portable AC unit is more economical to install than permanent air conditioning, especially for temporary needs, and uses less energy.

Our temporary cooling solutions are ideal for:

  • Residential homes
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Educational facilities
  • Events
  • Computer data centers and server storage
  • Commercial or residential construction sites
  • Indoor/outdoor workplaces, such as quick lubes or mechanic shops

We have rescue units that can be set up in minutes and ready to start cooling your home or business. They use standard 110 outlets so all you need is a power source to get an emergency cooling unit up and running.

Temporary Heating Systems

Dallas is mostly known for its warm weather, but that doesn’t mean the weather can’t get cold. Businesses and homes that aren’t ready for cold weather can get uncomfortable when the temperatures drop. Our temporary heating systems help you get clean, warm air into your building or home. Our electric heaters are safe for all types of indoor settings, including:

  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Residential homes
  • Outdoor tents and temporary structures
  • Construction sites

Cold weather is not just uncomfortable, it can have serious detrimental effects on buildings as well. If temperatures drop during a construction project it can weaken concrete as it settles, cause drywall finish to become brittle and flaky, and prolong your project by slowing the time it takes for paint to dry. It can also be harmful and dangerous to employees who could suffer from conditions like hypothermia and frostbite in very cold temperatures.

Our full-service team will help you install the heaters and get them ready to run, then come and remove them when you no longer have a need.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Rescue Unit #1

Cooling Capacity: 250 Square Feet
6,100 BTU
3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner
2 Fan Speeds with Dehumidifier Capabilities
Standard 110 Outlet at 15.5 A.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Rescue Unit #2

Cooling Capacity: 400 Square Feet
13,700 BTU
Standard 110 Outlet at 11.5 A.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Rescue Unit #3

Heating or Cooling Capacity: 600 Square Feet
16,800 BTU
Standard 110 Outlet at 15.5 A.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

Covers up to 3000 SF
Lower the temperature up to 27 degrees
Wind Range Up to 65 feet, AirSpeed up to 16MPH
85 Gallon Integrated Water Container
Variable Atomized Cooling Control
Manage flying insects naturally and chemically free
Oscillating Head
14,000 CFM, equal or higher than most 48″ fans!