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Industrial Portable Air Conditioners for Hospitals

Aug 8, 2022

As we get deeper into the fall season, we see fewer days that top the 100-degree mark here in Dallas/Fort Worth, but temps in the upper 80s are still not unusual at all. That means an air conditioning breakdown in October could make conditions at your home or commercial business intolerable. For hospitals, AC failure can cost lives. If you operate a hospital in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, keep Rescue Cooling in mind whenever you need industrial portable air conditioner rental.

COVID Patients in Dallas

Newspapers have been reporting throughout the month of October that COVID hospitalizations are increasing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, especially among the unvaccinated. The vaccination rate for Dallas/Fort Worth is about 52{7ea8b4bee70f6ed8e5c4d47751b9c3512c3bf3e6ab9e30833c0208406d4011d3}, a little lower than the U.S. rate overall.

Trouble breathing is a major symptom of COVID-19, and many patients who die do so because they become unable to breathe. Intubating patients and giving them oxygen are ways to help them breathe easier and possibly live longer.

However, an air conditioning failure at a hospital can cause temperatures and humidity indoors to soar, endangering not only COVID patients, but all patients and staff.

The Role of AC in Hospitals

Many people think of heat loss as an emergency and air conditioning loss as an inconvenience. While this is sometimes true, it is certainly not the case in hospitals.

Air conditioning keeps patients and hospital staff cool and comfortable, but it does much more than that. It also filters the air and keeps it cleaner, reducing the incidence of infection and helping to control odors.

Beyond this, it becomes difficult — if not impossible — to perform surgery or take other lifesaving measures in rooms without air conditioning. Airborne infection rates soar, and doctors and nurses run the risk of dripping bacteria-containing sweat onto already ill patients.

Patients suffering from COVID or any other illness will have a more difficult time fighting the illness when they must contend with less-than-optimal environmental conditions. This includes high temperatures and humidity. Death rates rise with temperatures.

Hospitals and HVAC

The federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires all hospitals in the U.S. to maintain backup generators in case of a power failure. This definitely helps save lives. However, when the problem at a hospital is the breakdown of the AC system and not a blackout, backup generators will not help. That’s when you want to call Rescue Cooling.

It’s likely that HVAC companies that have hospitals as clients will respond quickly when called. But when emergencies happen, you must be prepared with a plan B and a plan C. For instance, a hospital’s HVAC company may come right away when called, but be unable to repair the problem quickly, either due to the job being a lengthy one or the inability to get the parts necessary to make repairs. Hospitals can’t go days — or even hours — without air conditioning.

When you call Rescue Cooling, we come right away, and we bring the equipment you need to cool your space.

What Size Industrial Air Conditioning Unit Do You Need?

Oftentimes with a large facility such as a hospital, only certain rooms, areas or wings may be affected by an air conditioning breakdown. At times, a hospital may be able to get away with not using these rooms until their HVAC company can repair the air conditioning. However, during COVID, many hospitals have become overwhelmed with patients, and not using rooms because the AC is broken is a choice that could cost lives.

Rescue Cooling can bring temporary room air conditioners to cool only the rooms you need cooled. These are rooms in which the air conditioning could be broken, or it could instead be functioning poorly and in need of a boost.

The size of the room matters when it comes to emergency air conditioning rentals. A patient room, for instance, is fairly small, while an operating room or emergency room would need an industrial portable air conditioner. A cafeteria would need a still larger air conditioner, although the consequences wouldn’t be as dire if diners had to wait for repairs to the system.

If the entire hospital’s AC is not working, the administration may need to prioritize which areas get industrial portable air conditioners, which get temporary room air conditioner units and which don’t get any at all (offices, meeting rooms, etc.).

Cooler Spaces, Guaranteed

Rescue cooling is able to supply hospitals and other large facilities with all the industrial air conditioning units they need to cool their spaces. We guarantee we can cool any space in under two hours. In the case of hospitals, this is a lifesaving service.

No hospital staff has to worry about fetching or setting up the industrial portable air conditioners — Rescue Cooling does it all for you. When you call us, we ask you questions to determine what type of temporary air conditioning rental you need, then we load up our trucks and head out to your location. We set up your industrial air conditioning units, ensure they are functioning properly, and then we’re on our way.

Once your hospital’s air conditioning system is back up and running, simply give us a call and we’ll come out, disconnect the equipment and remove it.

Residential & Commercial Emergency Air Conditioning

Rescue Cooling provides emergency air conditioning to a wide variety of space, including individual homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses, schools and almost any space with four walls, a ceiling and floor. In addition, we can provide HVAC equipment for construction sites, warehouses and server/data rooms. We also provide emergency home heating and industrial heater rentals for all our customers.

When you’re in a bind and you need HVAC rental equipment in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call Rescue Cooling.