Hospital HVAC Rentals

When your hospital facility is facing an emergency situation and needs temporary air conditioning or temporary heating options, Rescue Cooling is here to help. Temperature control is a critical part of hospital and medical facility care. From patients and staff who need to be in a comfortable environment to medications that must be kept at certain temperatures, it’s essential that your facility can maintain these temperatures.

Emergency Hospital HVAC Systems

Even in the best hospitals, some things can be out of your control. Natural disasters and weather events can knock out power and make it impossible to keep lights on and air conditioning or heat running. Extreme temperature swings, such as heat waves and cold snaps, can overwork existing HVAC systems, which eventually break. In the middle of a summer heat wave or extreme cold, you may have difficulty getting access to repair technicians who can help you restore your system.

This type of emergency can cause significant challenges.

  • Patients that are recovering from illness or injury may have setbacks or may be in serious danger if temperatures get too hot or too cold.
  • Staff will struggle to perform their work when they are extremely cold or hot.
  • Imaging and other machinery within the hospital may not work properly when temperatures go outside of the normal range.
  • Lab work, test results, and medications could be seriously compromised by extreme temperatures.

Short-Term HVAC Needs in a Hospital

You may need additional heating and cooling in your hospital even when there is no emergency situation. During temporary surges in your patient population, or construction that affects your existing HVAC system, a temporary solution can keep the temperatures in your hospital comfortable and safe for patients and staff.

Rescue Cooling offers air conditioning units or combination units that can provide both heating and cooling. These are ideal for longer-term situations where you need rental HVAC units, such as a construction project that might last through multiple seasons. You can use them to keep the hospital cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.

You can also use our rental AC units and heating units for spot cooling and heating needs within a hospital. They are ideal for keeping a single room or small space cold or hot without disrupting the air quality and temperature in the rest of the facility.