Temporary heating and cooling is the perfect way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when your AC or heating system isn’t working. We also help with short-term needs for heating and cooling your home.

Server & Data Rooms

To prevent overheating, data storage facilities must be kept at a cold temperature. Our temporary cooling solutions help you scale up your capacity as needed when your current system won’t keep your server storage cold enough.


Warehouses can get extremely hot in the summer, but you need to keep employees and products safe. Talk to us about temporary AC solutions when the weather heats up that cost less than installing permanent HVAC.

Construction Sites

Keep employees safe and protect against heat-related illness or injury with temporary cooling systems for construction sites that don’t have permanent working HVAC installed yet. Rescue Cooling can help with cooling for construction sites of all sizes.

Hospital Buildings

Hospital facilities are essential services, so when your HVAC system breaks or you need more cooling capacity, Rescue Cooling can help. Talk to us today to learn more about our temporary AC for healthcare facilities.

Emergency Cooling

Heat-related illness is serious, and in the hot summers of North Texas it can be deadly. If your AC goes out at home or at your business, our temporary cooling system helps while you wait for AC repairs.