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Rescue Heaters are the rental heater experts that you can count on – 24/7. Just give us a call and we will get any space climate controlled in under 2 hours.

We work with direct and contract clients across the DFW area to deliver quality and, in many cases, much needed relief.

Our team can provide heater rentals for: 

Outdoor Parties and Events

Commercial Building Spaces

Schools & Universities

Homes & Condos

Hospital Buildings

And Much More!

Get warm starting as low as $29 per day!

About Our Equipment

We carry top-of-the-line rental HVAC equipment to help keep your space at the perfect temperature all year long. Our rescue units are designed to accommodate everything from small to large spaces. When you don’t have the heating equipment it can make a home, office building, workplace, or industrial space uncomfortable at best and dangerously hot worst.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment designed to keep your building or event at the perfect temperature any season of the year. Our equipment is available for rent whenever you need it, giving you the flexibility to scale up when your HVAC needs increase and scale back down after the emergency situation or temporary need is over.

At Rescue Heaters we use the latest in spot heating technology and are able to accommodate virtually any space that needs climate control.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Rescue Heater for Homes & Businesses

Heating or Cooling Capacity: 600 Square Feet

16,800 BTU

Standard 110 Outlet at 15.5 A.

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Patio Heaters for Outdoor Events

Burner heats up to 200 sq ft

Electrical pulse ignition for easy 3-second starts

87.4-In H x 81.3-in D x 81.3-in W

Rescue Cooling AC Unit

Portable Indoor Space Heaters for Homes

Long range heat projection

Oscillating with bladeless design

Electronic controls, timer, adjustable thermostat

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Have an upcoming party or project? Please message us here so we can schedule an appointment and discuss your unique heater rental needs.

About Rescue Heating

At Rescue Heaters, a division of Rescue Cooling, our goal is to help you remain comfortable at all times. HVAC systems are essential, and we’re here to get you the equipment necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature and a permanent HVAC system is not an option or you have an urgent need. Our top-of-the-line systems are available to heat and cool areas up to 600 sq ft and use standard electrical outlets. No need for specialized power sources or fancy equipment—just plug in your system and get the hot or cold air to keep your build or room at the perfect temperature.

Texas is known for its hot summer weather, but winters can be equally tough. If your home isn’t equipped for the cold, we can help you get emergency heating solutions to stay warm when you need it most. In the hottest months of the year we’re here to help with temporary cooling systems available right away. These solutions ensure that even if your current HVAC system isn’t working properly, you won’t have to suffer in your home or your business.

Our ultimate goal is to help provide relief from extreme temperatures and security to know that you won’t be stuck in an uncomfortable (or dangerous) situation. Our rental heating and cooling systems are also ideal for businesses that need temporary HVAC systems for new buildings, construction, renovations, and more. We’re here to help you scale up your HVAC capacity as your needs change without the cost of installing permanent systems you won’t need in the long term.

Rescue Cooling is a premier provider of temporary HVAC solutions. We are committed to providing high quality and affordable heating and cooling solutions to our clients when they need it the most. Our passion is delivering relief and security to our clients when they need it the most, 24/7.